Skoda Amudsen Hidden Functions(5 Best Features)

Skodas are known for their german engineering and smooth refining but they are a bit underrated in terms of infotainment systems in this post we will talk about skoda amundsen hidden functions

One of Skoda’s entertainment systems, the Amundsen, includes a navigation system in addition to a radio feature and media playing.

Best Skoda Amudsen Hidden Functions

Amundsen is controlled by a touchscreen with proximity sensors and gesture recognition. Additionally, the operation is accessible through built-in buttons and knobs or the traditional method using voice control. Incorporates Android Auto, CarPlay (available only for Apple smartphones), and Mirrorlink (available on non-Apple devices) (for Android users). There are lots skoda amundsen hidden functions which includes

1. Speed Cameras

skoda amundsen

All permanent speed cameras and frequently visited locations of mobile speed cameras can be transferred to the VW, Seat, and Skoda navigation systems. As a result, the speed cameras are marked on the map with a distinctive emblem. When nearing the speed camera, there is also a lovely suggestion sound.

2. Gesture Controls

Amundsen can also be controlled via gesture controls, you just need the move your hand near the screen and it’ll control the system accordingly. It controls Music, Increasing or Decreasing Music volume, or forward or rewinding the music playlist. It was one of the kind at the times

3. Navigation System

One of the best parts of the Amundsen System was its seamless navigation system which controls and changes the routes of the navigation system based on traffic nearby the area also, The screen shows a list of all the gas stations in the area when you click on the icon with the gas station symbol. The list of available gas stations can be filtered by price, distance, brand, or cardinal direction.

This lessens the need to conduct difficult searches while driving and lowers the chance of distraction-related collisions. When destination coordinates are provided, nearby refuelling station information and their current prices are added, automatically choosing the most appropriate fuel for the vehicle while also displaying costs for other fuels;

4. Wi-fi System

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If the Skoda Amundsen was acquired with a WLAN feature, it is possible to utilize a mobile device with Internet access as a hotspot in this scenario.

Access to DAB+ and the Skoda “Infotainment Online” service are additional possibilities for obtaining multimedia content. The Skoda Amundsen offers an LTE modem as an option in the business package.

Authorized Skoda dealers also sell the Car Stick for the gadget. These may record a SIM card for use in other applications and are connected through USB.


How To Update Firmware On Skoda Amundsen?

A. A Skoda dealer can inform you if a firmware update is available for the specific model of the Skoda Amundsen and can also perform the upgrade. If a firmware update is genuinely available, the Skoda Update Portal will let you know about it and let you know which models it is appropriate for or required for. Not all models can receive firmware upgrades, nor are they always required. Authorized Skoda dealers handle firmware updates and are given the necessary software by the manufacturer.


We hope you liked our post on skoda amundsen hidden functions, there are several extra features that you can dig for, we have added our 5 best features of the system, but be careful before initiating anything as it may break your system or never download any updates via internet only connect with Skoda dealers



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